Royalty Free Stock Logo Clipart by Patrimonio

  1. Hockey Stick Hitting a Puck in an Oval of Rays Logo
  2. Black and White American Revolutionary Soldier Wielding a Flag in a Red and Yellow Circle Logo
  3. Retro Logo of a Male Roofer Applying Shingles
  4. Sandblaster Worker and Rays Logo
  5. Retro Carpenter over a Crossed Hammer and Wrench Logo
  6. Charging Ram and Red Rays Logo
  7. Brown and Blue Retro Photographer Logo
  8. Logging Truck Logo
  9. Batting Baseball Player Logo
  10. Surveyor Using a Theodolite
  11. Retro Film Crew Cameraman Adjusting His Equipment over a Yellow Circle
  12. Blind Justice and Scales Legal Logo
  13. Male Baker Chef Holding Bread Logo
  14. Blue and White Chubby Chef Carrying a Pot Logo
  15. Purple Jester Face in a Circle Logo
  16. Retro Blue Dump Truck in an Orange Ray Oval Logo
  17. Blue and Red Chef Serving Money Logo
  18. Rugby Kiwi Bird Logo
  19. Logo of a Green and White Perched Owl
  20. Logo of a Woodcut Brown and Red Bull in an Oval of Rays
  21. Orange and Blue Flatbed Big Rig Truck Logo
  22. Walking Elephant Logo
  23. Logo of a White Bulldog
  24. Black and White Bicyclist on a Stop Sign Logo
  25. Logo of an Elephant Head and Orange Circle
  26. Film Maker Looking Through a Camera Lens on Gray Rays Logo
  27. Logo of a Retro Male Scuba Diver in an Oval of Rays
  28. Swordfish over Rays on a Blue Red and Yellow Logo
  29. Cowboy on a Bucking Bull Rodeo Logo Shield
  30. Green Irish St Patricks Day Shield and Shamrock Logo
  31. Retro Brown Bakery Goods Logo
  32. Blacksmith Working
  33. Retro Woodcut Oval Pink Mountainous River Scene Logo
  34. Blue Eagle and Spanner Wrench over Rays Logo
  35. Detective Making a Phone Call Logo
  36. Security Man Using a Flashlight
  37. Tribal Ruby Player Wearing a Maori Mask Logo
  38. Black and White Horse Trailer Logo
  39. Retro Male Tree Arborist Climbing with a Chainsaw Logo
  40. Woodcut Texas Longhorn Bull from the Rear
  41. Baseball Wolf Batting Logo
  42. Blue Cricket Batsman over a Diamond Logo
  43. Miners Helmet with a Shovel and Pickax and Blank Banner Logo